Cupcake Factory


Cupcakes are one of the best baked goods. They let us eat our favourite cakes in small portions and there are a variety of flavours! Below are some of the many options available.

vanilla cupcake

White Vanilla

This Vanilla Cupcake is one of the best options out there! If your craving for sponge cake with a little bit of icing this is for you! Not only is it one of the easiest to make from scratch but if you’re feeling a little lazy, go to your nearest supermarket and purchase an instant mix. You’ll have these cupcakes in no time!

Pink Vanilla

This is another Vanilla Cupcake, but it comes with a twist, it has pink icing! If you love a simple sponge cake but you want something bright in your life, add a little food colouring into your icing and spice up your day.

pink cupcake
chocolate cupcake

Double Chocolate

This Double Chocolate Cupcake is for all the chocolate lovers out there. Both the icing and the cake is full of that yummy, rich and creamy chocolate. After one bite, you’ll be helpless to stop!

Lemon Meringue

This Lemon Meringue Cupcake is the perfect split between a cupcake and a lemon meringue. So, if your obsessed with both of these sweet treats, you’ll be getting the best of both world! This citrusy goodness is perfect for all occasions!

lemon cupcake
strawberry cupcake


This Strawberry Cupcake combines that delectable and tangy flavour that comes in all strawberries with that fluffy texture and that sweet taste of a delicious cupcake. With both of these amazing flavours, there’s no way you won’t love this cupcake!

Vanilla Raspberry

This Vanilla Raspberry Cupcake is imbued with the delicate taste that’s typical of every raspberry. If you’re on a health kick and you need a little cheat day, but you still want to eat healthy, raspberries are full antioxidants, so this cupcake is made for you!

raspberry cupcake
caramel cupcake


This Caramel Cupcake has everyone’s favourite sticky and runny syrup infused into it. By upgrading a cupcake with this caramelly goodness, it transports you to another world. This Caramel Cupcake is to die for!


This Oreo Cupcake will probably always be one of the best cupcakes available due to the addictive taste of an Oreo. With its chocolaty sponge and Oreo flavoured icing, this unstoppable combo will one day rule the world!

oreo cupcake

About the Collection

The cupcakes that were used to make this website were purchased from the Cupcake Queens in Chadstone. There are many more flavours and options available everyday! These cupcakes can be purchased in their stores or on their website.